I’m Toby and, I’d like to tell you a bit more about me and what drives me. Hopefully, this will give you an insight to my lifelong love of skiing and my dedication to helping people achieve their personal goals.

I grew up in a multilingual family with British and Austrian nationality and therefore speak fluent English and German. My hometown is Seefeld in Tyrol, where I started skiing at the age of 3 on my local mountain. In my free time, I still enjoy skiing in Seefeld, one of the best-kept secret spots for freeriding (but remember: “It’s a secret, so don’t tell anyone”).

I have been working in the Austrian ski industry, teaching, coaching and training since my early teens and have gained considerable experience working with many nationalities at all levels in several renowned Austrian ski resorts.

I have also been through exams in Europe reaching the top level in Austria, Switzerland and United kingdom. I have also been training FIS / European cup skiers for a number of years and I also hold a ÖSV – (Austrian Ski Association) Trainers Licensed. I understand the discipline and work needed to achieve the toughest goals and the structured training it takes to achieve these goals in the racing world or to pass the high standards of a technical instructor exam.

My success in the world of skiing is largely based on the pursuit of excellence, helping skiers, regardless of their level or standard, develop their technical skills by understanding what they really need as opposed to what they think they want. In particular, this includes understanding your personal goals and individual learning styles and focusing on the outcome/success rather than obstacles/difficulties.

Hi I’m Toby and I would like to share my passion for the mountain with you and my lifelong love of skiing

If you ask me what kind of skiing I like best, my answer is: “Steep and challenging freeriding off-piste; the bigger the challenge, the better it gets. The greater the challenge, the better. Get out of your comfort zone and feel the rush. But if you ask me what you enjoy most about skiing, my answer is, “I love meeting new people and teaching them, no matter how good they are at skiing. It’s a real privilege to help people have fun on the mountain.”


Mountain biking, ski touring, traveling to different places (Base Camp Mount Everest, Africa Namibia)


You can always turn a situation and snow conditions to your advantage so you can have fun no matter what the mountain throws at you.

I look forward to meeting you on the slopes and skiing with you.


Staatlich geprüfter Skilehrer / Austrian Diploma Ski Teacher
Austrian Staatlich geprüfter Skiführer / Skiguide
Österreichischer Schi Verband / Licensed Race Trainer
Swiss Snowsports Federal Diploma
French Carte Pro holder
Deutscher Skilehrerverband Staatlich geprüfter Skilehrer
Member of the International Ski Instructors Association
Personal Trainer

Toby signiture

Sean Langmuir - BASI Trainer and World Cup CoachMay 20, 2023
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‘Toby is one of the best ski trainers in the business. He is a fantastic skier himself and has the experience and technical knowledge to develop world class performers. Toby offers his students a unique approach that is driven by an unsurprised passion and energy for developing skiers’.
British ArmyDecember 20, 2020
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Toby has already twice spent four weeks helping to run an annual alpine skiing exercise for around 120 British Army soldiers. ... He has added real value to so many different elements of our ski training and race training. We enjoyed his company very much and could benefit from his wealth of experience in various areas of the alpine environment. He is a true professional and is so versatile that he has improved the experience of our entire team on the hill.
Siri Gasmann-BrottJuly 16, 2014
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In the short time that I and my daughter have gotten to know Toby, he continues to show his love for his work, the love and passion he has for skiing and helping others develop .... I feel privileged to have met Toby and I would like to say that I am confident that wherever Toby goes and whatever he does, he will inspire and motivate others.
Ian CopleyNovember 27, 2016
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Great 3 days in Hintertux. Focused on the core issues, clear in message and delivered with humor! I have the feeling that I have improved significantly. As Arnie said, "I'll be back!"