Planning a ski tour

Here I would like to give you an idea about the important points that you should take into consideration when planning a day ski tour. If you use this as a check list I hope it will make your planning easier. Who are the people in the group?This is a very important point as you […]

Snow stability test

What information we can get from these 3 snow pack stability tests? There are three simple and effective tests that can be performed to understand and assess snowpack and its stability. The compression test CT, the extended compression test ECT and the small block test. Compression test CT First, use an avalanche probe to find […]

Avalanche report bulletin

I would like to make you aware of the information you can get from the daily avalanche report bulletin, so you can plan your ski tours, freerides or backcountry skiing. The information you can get from the daily avalanche reports Development, daily snow and snowpack informationAvalanche risks and the danger patternsRegion / area in questionSnow […]

Snow study info sheet

Here is some general information about avalanches that is very useful when touring or freeriding in the backcountry or off the beaten path. How is an avalanche triggered? An avalanche can be triggered spontaneously or by an additional load on the snowpack and a disturbance of the weak layers in the snowpack. An additional load […]

Avalanche problems

In everyday life we all recognise certain situations like the sounds we hear or objects we see. We learn from things that have confronted us which then become very familiar, and we can recognise these straight away. We then start to form a date base in our memory and we could say we start to […]

Mountain danger hazards

Dangers and risks in the mountains – objective and subjective dangers Here I would like increase your awareness of the mountain dangers and hazards you can come across while freeriding/backcountry skiing and high-altitude ski touring. These hazards can be categorised in two groups, subjective danger/hazards and objective danger/hazards. These danger/hazards can lead to major disasters […]

Danger patterns

Develop your skiing

During the winter months we have a number of avalanche problems and danger patterns. They all repeat themselves through the winter months and are very obvious and recognisable. The differences between each one is the observation and how one analyses and assess the possible dangers patterns of the new snow and the old cover that […]

Strategy decision making

The importance of Strategy / decision making Strategies help your understanding to optimise safety and helps you to make decisions to avoid avalanches and serious accidents. Using the daily and current avalanche report, weather reports, snow conditions and recent influences on the snowpack can help you make safer decisions for your strategy.  Additionally, having knowledge […]